A Visit to Oi Kabum! School

visiting oi kabum school in belo horizonte

(Above: Interactivos? participants visiting the Interactive Computer Graphics class taught by Manuel Guerra. Two Oi Kabum students, João Pedro and Marcos, were collaborators in Interactivos?, and they arranged for Interactivos? artists to visit the school.)

Oi Kabum! is one of the educational programs of the Brazilian telecommunications company Oi Futura. Oi Kabum! schools are located in four cities, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador and Belo Horizonte and offer classes in multimedia for public high school students. In the two-year program, the students can specialize in web design, computer graphics, graphic design, video, photography or audio. The idea is to give students skills they wouldn’t have learned in their normal schools and give them a head start toward careers in media, design or the arts.

The students from the Interactive Computer Graphics class taught by Manuel Guerra were invited to contribute installations in the gallery of Festival de Arte Digital (FAD) 2010. The works were both fun and surprisingly sophisticated, including an interactive graffiti wall, an display of the city’s traffic cameras that changes depending on where the viewer stands, and a sound installation that is controlled by arranging blocks on a table.

(Below: students giving demos of their projects)


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